Happy Hill Ministries

2900 Winifred Avenue, Zellwood Florida, 32798 Ph: 407-889-0583 Email: happyhill4God@cfl.rr.com


Rev. Darrell D. Reid, DD, Founder

   Our "Fearless Leader" and Founder.  He Fears Only God!!!  Our Biker Friends Call Him "Sarge"  You can see us (Happy Hill Ministries) on Facebook now!  Click here


Rev. Katie "Ms. Kitty" Reid, Co-Founder/Sunshine/Hospitality Director

  My Lovely wife Katie is a Special Education Teacher at Eustis Heights Elementary in Lake County Florida.  We met when we were just 12 years old prior to our going to Junior High School together at Apopka Memorial High in 1965.  We became “Bestest Friends” and finally were married in May of 1980.  She knew long before I did that God had put us together.  Katie and I have 3 sons; Roy, Damen & Scott.  I thank you Lord for my Beautiful and Faithful Helpmate, Co-Founder and Co-Pastor!


Rev. James "Fergy" Ferguson, Helps and Missions Director


In 1996 James Alfred Ferguson, known as Fergy to most and Mentor to others, joined us as our Senior Deacon.  I had known for quite some time for his efforts of seeking out the lost, outcast and homeless and helping them to find a place to live, work and fit in.  I believe our joining together was ordained and blessed by God and has strengthened our ability to help others.  In 2010 Fergy became a fully liscensed Minister.


George "Friar Tuck" Mertens, Webmaster

   George Mertens came to our Ministry in 2005 as an MIT (Minister in Training), and enthusiaticly supported our Tent Revivals at Daytona Bike Week 2005.  He assisted in all areas of outreach, and anything else he was called on to do.  It was Daytona Bike Week in 05 he was given the name "Friar Tuck" by his Biker Brothers, because he was always found with a Turkey leg in one hand, Bible in the other, peering out of the Chapel tent looking for more bikers he could lead to God's Path.  (or at least take a swing at them with the Good Book or his turkey leg as they passed him by)  In September of 2008 he recieved our Biker Ministry Patch and in 2010 he became a fully liscensed Minister.  We are blessed to have him with us.